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All over the world Search and Rescue dogs play an important role in disaster missions. They are trained to help people in need in all different kind of situations. They search for people both in rubble of destroyed buildings after earthquakes or gas explosions and after underground accidents in tunnels and galleries. If people get lost in the field / forest / bush after mudslides, avalanches or accidents, if they are shock-victims, lost kids, disoriented elderly or drowned persons, SAR-dogs are there to help.

All the humans who train those dogs and handle them during the emergency situations work honorary. They don’t receive any money for their time or work.

1992 during the 4th International Search and Rescue Dog Symposium in Berlin the founding of a worldwide head organization of SAR-Dog-Organizations was started. 1993 the International Search and Rescue Dog Organization (IRO) has been founded. The BRH has been one of the initiators. The goal and intention of the IRO is cooperation without national borders between international SAR-Organizations in training and deployment and exchange of knowledge. Part of this effort is the annual World Championship for SAR-Dogs. 04 will be the 10th time this event takes place. The competition is an excellent forum for the dog handlers of several organizations to compare their abilities, exchange knowledge and make new friends.

The 10th World Championship for Search and Rescue Dogs takes place in Wittstock / Brandenburg / Germany in 04, organized by the BRH Bundesverband Rettungshunde e.V., the biggest private SAR-Organization in Germany. The most work during the event is done by the BRH-team Brandenburg, whose facilities will be used.

Plenty of support through the town, other local relief organizations and the German Army will guarantee a high quality surrounding for the event. Up to 130 dog – handler - teams from more than 20 nations are expected. They will compete in obedience / agility, field search, urban search and tracking over 4 days.

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